Swimming Pool Maintenance – Tips to Keep Your Pool Water Clean

Swimming pools are perfect to relax and have some fun time during summer. However, to keep the pool water crystal clear is a daunting task which demands great labour and effort.

There are several methods by following which you can keep your pool water sparkling all the time. You may also opt for an efficient swimming pool maintenance service in Brisbane that offers cheap pool cleaning services.

Here are some tips to keep your pool water clean and inviting all the time:

Regulate the chemical levels

The most vital step in keeping the pool water clean is to maintain the chemical levels within the ideal range. It regulates the pH level of pool water followed by checking the growth of bacteria in it. Time to time testing the water sample is also necessary in this course which will give you a clue about the right amount of chemical needed to add in the pool water.

Skimming on a regular basis

Skimming and scrubbing is the second most important task in keeping the pool water debris free. To have transparent water in pool, leaves, insects etc. should be removed daily. In addition to it the walls of the pool should be scrubbed on a frequently and repeatedly to limit the algal growth. Scrubbing once a week is sufficient to keep your pool water fresh and clean. In order to do all these task you may also take help of any competent swimming pool maintenance service in Brisbane that can keep the pool water spotless with its cheap pool cleaning services.


Even after all these cleaning process your pool water looks cloudy you can try backwashing. This process comprises opposite direction of water flow through filter to clean it out.

Flow Meter

Circulation of pool water at a proper flow rate is also essential to maintain the pool hygienic so the flow meter should be often checked.

Shock the pool

Don’t hesitate to shock your pool if you find the pool water cloudy. Basically shocking means raising the chlorine levels manifolds for a short time to make pool bacteria free. It will readily remove the murkiness of the pool followed by eliminating all the bacteria.